04 février 2020

My travel in New Zealand


Day 1:

About arrival in New Zealand ,we are going to our hotel,we put down our luggage and we have going to the beach!

Day 2:

We have visited the bay of islands,he possessed the beautiful sky blue of world.

we have done a lot of activity .

Day 3:

then we went skiing in tongariro national parkand we saw animals. It was an unforgettable activity!

Day 4:
Next, today we have visited
the waikato region,when we visited it we found that there was a lot of diversity
with the paradisiac beaches and the snow-capped mountains it was a wonderful visit. Today we wanted to go visit several places
as the city of Kaikoura:
a city renowned for the diversity of marine animals
we were able to observe the spectacle of baby seals bubbling under the Ohau waterfall.
we have followed our visit by the city of martinborought
a city dedicated to wine
to get there we have two roads including one to stop at Kapiti Island a natural place reserved for birds especially kiwi.
to finish the day,
we stopped in the evening to eat at one of the best restaurants in new zealand,the Ponsonby Central
where we could eat the local specialties of new zealand
as kiwi burger, kumara, meat pies and green mussels(moules verte)
it was delicious!

Day 5:
We are going back to France on sunday,then we continue to visit New Zealand with on of the most beautiful lake on the island,
the Lake Wanaka local in the region of Otago.It is the fourth largeset lake in New Zealand around the lake there are a big mountains
but we couldn't swim in this lake because it was cold but thyis lake was beautiful!!
to continue this day,we discovered Maori culture . A
Maori make up 14% of the New Zealand population,
nd we were able to discover their traditional dances and watch their tattoos!A Maori have a special way to say hello.

Day 6:
This Saturday, have us invited to go see the rugby match with All Blacks ,next we have play to netball its an interesting sport !

Day 7:
Today it is a final day in New Zealand,but we prefer to leave in the morning at the airport to arrive in france during the day
So we spent day on the plane and the end of day iin France.
This travel in New Zealand was exeptional!!


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